Emerging Exporter of the Year 2004 - QLD Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Over the years Paragon has turned its eye to the export market, promoting Australian made, whilst maintaining its supply to the Australian consumer. Commissioned furniture pieces have been exported to Japan, South Korea and the United States of America.

Unison* Space-Saver Dining Suite (*AUST Reg Des No 148769), was designed to take advantage of minimal floor space. It has proven popular with the Japanese market as well as in Australia. These custom made suites, together with church pews and other furniture were especially commissioned for "Alcyone Court Wedding Square" projects in Gifu and Senno, Japan.


Church Pews in Production Church Pews in the Chapel

Unison* Suites in Reception Room
(*AUST Reg Des No 148769)
The Japanese Unison* Suite
(*AUST Reg Des No 148769)